Patient Education

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Identifying Pain Points
Wait - That Can Cause Pain?
The Truth About Trigger Points
Are You Developing Smart Phone Neck
Spot Warning Signs that lead to Back Pain
Disc Pain? Surgery is not the only Option
Managing Back Pain
Preventing Injuries at Work
Protect Hands from Digital Distress
Preventing Repetitive Strain
Preventing Knee Injuries in Runners
Knee Pain, First Discover the Cause
Take a Look at Kinesiology Taping
Injury Treatment: Hot or Cold?
Understanding Migraines
Symptoms of Concussion
Postpartum Activity: Avoid Too much, Too soon
Pediatric Obesity Prevention Measures
Packing Nutritional School Lunches
Should You Go Gluten Free?
Do You Need a Multivitamin?
Fill Up on Fluids
Self Administration of Medication
Managing Arthritis Pain
Self Managing Arthritis Pain
Preventing Falls at Home
Improving Balance through Excersise
Balance and Fall Prevention
Strengthening for Older Adults - Lower Body
Strengthening for Older Adults - Upper Body
Safe at Home
Surviving Stroke's Effects
Heeding Stroke's Warning Signs
Common Geriatric Eye Conditions


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