What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a type of physical medicine that focuses on correcting physical impairments and disabilities. Treatment goals and outcomes are geared toward restoring movement in the human body as it relates to function and improvement of quality of life.

Why choose Holmes Physical Therapy?

Holmes Physical Therapy stands out from the competition by always providing quality care in a patient-centered atmosphere. Personalized treatment sessions including skilled manual techniques is what sets this practice apart from other clinics. To ensure the development of an appropriate treatment plan a full hour is reserved for the initial evaluation, (not 30-45 minutes like other facilities).

What is your affiliation with Latitude's Sports Complex?

Holmes Physical Therapy and Latitude's Sports Complex are two separate business entities which occupy the same building space and have a mutually beneficial, collaborative relationship. Patients can try a 1 month membership with no further obligation, for thirty dollars. They can join Latitude's at a lower monthly rate with a commitment of one year versus their regular two year commitment.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most major insurances and will verify your coverage with your insurance company for physical therapy services. Please have your insurance information ready when you call to make your appointment. (If you have any further questions regarding your coverage including deductible plans and co-payment fees, you should contact your insurance carrier directly.)

What should I bring to my first session?

Please bring your insurance card(s), photo identification, prescription and/or referral from your physician, along with any relevant diagnostic tests that you may have (X-Ray, MRI etc.). If your plan requires a pre-certification for physical therapy, please inform your carrier. You may print out patient forms directly from this website by clicking here, fill them out completely and bring them with you. Otherwise please arrive to your scheduled appointment 15 minutes early to fill out the appropriate paperwork. Make sure to bring a complete list of your medications including dosages and your pertinent medical history.

What should I wear to PT?

Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing that exposes the area being treated. You may wear or bring shorts for a knee injury. Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers for walking and standing exercises.


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